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John Edward Drew (born September 30, 1954) is an American retired professional basketball player. A small forward from Gardner–Webb University, he played 11 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Drew was a two-time NBA All-Star, and was one of the earliest casualties of the drug policy instituted by league commissioner David Stern.

Drew battled cocaine addiction during his professional basketball career. He missed 38 games during the 1982-83 season as he spent eight weeks in drug rehab.


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Chris Massaro says

"DO NOT order through B&H, go through the seller directly to avoid the following: I ordered a $1600 product through B&H, the product showed up damaged, with no manual, with a remote that didn't work because the battery inside it already was dead. I bought a new battery for the remote just to find out the system was faulty. This happens right? So I returned the order, still expecting to rebuy the same product, plus another $10k+ order. I Returned the item in the exact packaging minus the external brown box. When the item arrived to me it was in the Gefen box, inside a blank brown box. I threw away the blank brown box, and sent it back in the Gefen box. Now B&H is charging me a 20% restocking fee for no reason ($300 for a blank/non branded brown box), which I will not pay. After the reply I would like to add after the companies reply. The $1500 dollar product, was $1600 after paying for expedited shipping + tax. If B&H would also like to refund that to me as well, I will gladly accept. A "new" item that was sent to me showed up obviously used, there was duct tape on many of the wires and a dead battery inside the remote, nothing was in "original" packaging. I returned the item as is, with everything that was sent to me, in the gefen box that it arrived in. I would love for someone to explain to me how a $300 charge for a blank external brown box with a shipping label on it, is "completely fair""

gt says

"your bank is an issue and if this craps continues i will go somewhere else"

Ralph F says

"I bought a $12,000 lens and warranty from BH but you would not sell me a $240 warranty for a D6 I bought elsewhere. Thanks!"

Albert says

"Shopping was easy and quick. Plenty of information about the product was provided."

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